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more blasts
a little OD action north of Villa Grove launch at the  
Airmans Rendezvous August 2014
flatlands near Villa Grove
Larry W. on the edge of the clouds at Villa Grove
floating around up near cloudbase with Rick M. and Larry W. above the Sangre de Christos
looking south above the spine of the Sangre de Christo mountains
view of launch (launch is the brightest spot in the shaded mountain. middle top of photo) and the huge LZ/campground/festival area during the Airmans...
the beautiful Sangre de Christo mountains
near Villa Grove looking south
Over the top of the Sangre de Cristos looking north
Highest peaks behind launch at Villa Grove
Mario on launch at Villa Grove 2014
Mario launching his PG early on the hang glider launch at the Airmans Rendezvous (during the event there are two separate launches. One for PGs one...
Villa Grove low cloudbase early in the day
Villa Grove launch
Launch and setup area Villa Grove 2014
View of ridge with launch ramp and primary Elberta beach LZ off in the distance to the north. October 27 2013
This amazing site is owned by the Greenpoint Flyers. 
Many thanks.
Greenpoint launch ramp looking north towards Elberta beach LZ in the top of the picture
Elberta  beach landing area
soaring with Larry W. above Greenpoint
looking down on Greenpoint ramp launch 
and "blowout" launch to the right with trail leading out to it
Betsie Bay and the sweet little town of Frankfort
looking south towards Arcadia. Larry jumped the gap by the lake and flew down to the bluffs in the distance and back.

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