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Ricks Oldies
Flying Escape Country in California somewhere around 1977, no helmet, harness was basically a fat belt with leg straps. Back when sex was safe and...
Sand Turn, Wy
Launching at Laughrey Creek site
Paul foot launching at Laughrey Creek site
A SW hill we used to fly near Carrolton Ky
Ron wondering if a smaller glider will handle better
the view from the back
Paul F - his first rigid wiing
Aerotow before carts
The gang on top of Telluride
Flying above Terruride
Flying above Terruride
Setting up on gold hill in Terruride
Tippy toe launch at south side point of the mountian
The 5 Amigos...
Crawford Utah
Crawford luanch
Launching from Crawford using the "shoulder push" method
Crystal Caverns pro shop
Loading the tram at Crystal Caverns
Glider were transported to the top in a tram (yes those are gliders they are puling off, they were a lot skinnier then) everyone had to move to the...
Crystal Caverns landing area, "training hill" and tram

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