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Site: Cary's
Location: Marathon, Oh
GPS Coordinates: N39 06.891 W84 02.343
Requirements: H2 with Aerotow endorsement
Type of Flying: Thermaling
Launch: Aerotow
Winds: Need Info
Landing Zone: Carey's
Special Procedures: All fields planted in crops should be avoided as landing zones.
Restrictions: Must be current Ohio Flyers and USHPA member.
Hazards: Need Info
Directions: State route 32 east (pass Batavia, Oh)to route 133 North (go about 5 miles) to a tight left curve with your right turn just after on to clancy corner-marithon road. Climb small hill, look for orange balls (about 1/4 mile) on wires, go right on that gravel drive/taxiway back to runway. !! 5 miles per hour !! Left goes to Cary's home area.
Parking: Need Info
Setup Area: Need Info
Land Ownership: Carey
Contact: Contact an Ohio Flyers member for information about site protocol.
  • The ends of the runways MUST remain clear for aircraft, and rope drop.
  • Spectator vehicles (and pilot vehicles if on-field parking is full) need be parked back at the hanger, clear of hanger access.
  • Crop landings are strictly forbidden. Land on a runway, there are two of them. ($5 in the pot penalty for crop landing)
  • You MUST be a USHGA member, and an Ohio member, and have a signed waiver on file with Rick - NO EXCEPTIONS
  • Powered harnesses, and parachutes by permission from Cary. Just ask, he's a nice guy!!
  • ALL gliders, when not in use, are to be secured to the ground with dog spike and tie."
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