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freeeba 02-13-2017 02:14 PM

Dangler's winch device project
Those interested :

Build TOTALLY EFFICIENT, continuously controllable devise to connect and subject a 2500 lb. rolling brushcutter to vertical rise and descent with a forward/reverse MINIMUM working speed of 10 feet in four seconds for normal operations and 35-MPH for bottom to top return on a 80 degree angle over eight inch negative and positive obstruction.


*Rope cable to be AmSteel Blue 12-strand. A braided rope w/Samthane coating and Dyneem SK-75 fiber. Size : 1/2" X 300' plus rap around drum. This unit cannot fail. Rope cannot fail. Brake must hold every time. Must continuously FLAT rewind rope at ANY angle of winch deck with reversing directions and speed going on.

Mounting :

Can be mounted on the main ZT drive unit. Forward of engine or from rear frame member with a pivot to vertical. ZT drive unit is 20" wide at rear frame made of multi. 1" X 2" rec. tube. Keep winch platform as short and strong as possible but width can be up to four feet if needed.

If Stationary unit is your desire include power source, remote control to a foot pedal on ZT drive. Hook-up to 2" Reese receiver.

Winch Drive : Can be hydraulic, mechanical or electric.

freeeba 02-13-2017 03:00 PM

To continue :

Compensation :


Parts suggestions :

Below are things I've found but have not obtained that may work or not but that idea has not been worked out as yet.

Flowfit reversible hydraulic mechanical clutch pump assembly ZZ000477 (there are many sizes)

Warn wire rope tension kit 311490

LEBUS fleet angle compensators or LEBUS Diamond screw level winder.

Konecranes rope guide. (if this could be adapted to this winch how could it not flat wind forever and fast)

Danfoss has interesting stuff.

open source ecology.org.

Auto advance line spooler by Allied power products.

Universal free fall winch. ( mainly strong and the rewind spooler design maybe able to handle the angles that can be developed during Dangler's side moves, pull and desents)

I have :

Very strong hydraulic wheel motor off a 3000 lb grounds keeper that would do 35 MPH. and A independent self contained hydrostatic trans w/drum from very large grasshopper fairway cutter so far.

Weight is good thing this time. Make everything as heavy as you need to and max design and overbuild so it can't fail. Correction, will not fail. (yes that is much better)

If you want me to build it submit design, parts lists with contacts and all the cash required for acquisition/assembly. If you build it deliver it here for install to ZT drive unit and trial.

miketest 02-13-2017 09:16 PM

Hope you're planning on attending the meeting (25th) so you can edgumacate everyone on what you're building! Bring pics... e-pics that is... of pieces/parts/components or sketches/drawings. Put 'em on a thumbdrive. Or send em to me.

savant 02-13-2017 11:40 PM

my brother is in the elevator trade and I will pay him a visit mid-late March. I suspect some of the same components used to raise and lower a traction elevator car (3500-5000lbs) could be used to raise and lower the Dangler. He regularly "re-ropes" elevator cars. I just asked him if he has any "spare elevator rope". His reply was.."about 3000 feet". He says it's 1/2" and I can have all I want.

the drum or "shiv" is another matter. on average, the elevators use 30" drums but they rework and reuse them. none available at this time. I suspect we'll want a slightly smaller drum as high speed is not necessary.

We can discuss further. Hopefully I'll see you at the meeting. I'm heading down to Cincinatti tomorrow. Please give me a call if your free. 614-636-1036

Eric Proulx 02-24-2017 08:57 PM

I believe 2 years ago, the project needed about 2 grand to bring to reality . Is this still the case?

savant 02-26-2017 01:56 PM

I can provide the 1/2" steel cable at no charge.

freeeba 03-01-2017 02:14 PM


Originally Posted by Eric Proulx (Post 12534)
I believe 2 years ago, the project needed about 2 grand to bring to reality . Is this still the case?

No Eric. Try to keep up. The Penarc Dangler was scraped during construction because device was deemed : Needing three to operate device was to much to ask. THIS! Dangler will only need a single operator. Final cost has not been an issue. Least expensive available commercial equivalent I've found start at $70000 dollars. Only up from that.

AGAIN! Beginning of thread list all REQUIREMENTS. Any other materials are up to builder but must be of HIGHEST QUALITY as described. NO COMPROMISE!.

A little imagination, effort and cash might just make this device "reality". Give it a shot. Many paths to any end.

For a build other than what's described in this thread : come up with working solution and if it only cost 2K OK with me. When completed bring device down here. If it is SPEC I'll install and test run it. Glad to have the help. I'll wait to see what you come up with.

As always thank you for this time.

freeeba 03-01-2017 02:25 PM


Originally Posted by savant (Post 12539)
I can provide the 1/2" steel cable at no charge.

Thanks but please reread : *absolute requirements in thread's beginning.

Heads up about steel cable, when it breaks it kills. When it over laps it kinks or flattens...breaks and kills. And before you say "towel/blanket over it" who/how is going to keep it there?

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