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Indeed, it is… In the books, that is. Just a few stark highlights of the meeting follow; details will be in the minutes:

34 members attended, either virtually* or in person…. Largest turnout in recent memory! Quorum requirements were satisfied(!)

*An OF first: Members Adam Lee and Dave Blocksom set up and managed a webcast of the meeting so that member pilots throughout the region could tune in, participate …and vote. Several members from the CLE area did just that.

Your new President is Mike Jenovic - a PGer from CLE
Your new Vice President – Felipe Amunategui; an HGer, current USHPA Towing/HG Committee Chair and former Region 9 co-Director... also from the CLE area
Your new Treasurer is Andrea Lee - a PGer and (...there isn't enough room to list everything!), from C’bus
Your new Secretary - TBD. A candidate for Secretary never materialized. The club needs a secretary; obtaining one will be a focus for the incoming administration.
Your new Safety Coordinator is Jim Hehnen, an HGer… also from CLE

The proposed expansion OF posts was accepted:
Membership – Adam Lee; PGer from C’bus ...and hubby of your new Treasurer, Andrea.
OF Flight Records – Adam Lee
Site Administrator/Richmond Dale – Eric Proulx
Site Administrator/Edgewater – TBD
Site Administrator/WesMar – TBD
Web Site Administrator – Michal (assuming he’s willing to continue) with support from Sri. If Michal cannot continue, Sri has volunteered.
Voting Administrator – TBD (no volunteers)
Bylaws/Policy Czar – TBD (no volunteers)
Spring Meeting ['18] Coordinator/Organizer – TBD

Frank Murphy was elected into the OF Hall of Fame and granted Life Membership. John Alden was also nominated (again), and declined (again).

Members agreed to make a $300 donation to Shadowbox Live Academy Arts Educational Program.

Thanks to Larry Ball, the club has a new logo – one that captures both PG and HG. He’s also the POC for hats and shirts to be adorned with the new logo. Details and ordering info to follow… Contact him directly if you just can’t wait!

And the coveted trophy reappeared. After bringing it up to date with nameplates for several past accomplishments, Larry added one other - that of Augusto Espinosa for the longest/highest/farthest flight in '16 - a PG flight launched from WesMar (...I think I got that right; apologies if my memory fails me here! If incorrect I'll fix it in the minutes!)

That’s it for now… Details will be included in the Minutes. Slides shown at the meeting will soon be made available, along with links to the updated bylaws (v11), and the site guide and risk management plans for each site.

best regards!

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