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Originally Posted by RickM View Post
Got it, thanks. So my only option is to get a daily update and not as they come in?
I believe for the Forum Category (ie General Discussion) it's daily or weekly, for individual thread subscription it's instant, daily or weekly.

What I recommend, and I think it will work for 99% of you, is not subscribe at all, and just come to the website at your convenice and click "New Posts" in the navigation bar at the top. You will get a list of all the new posts since your last visits. Yes, YOUR last visit.

Why get home, sit down at your computer and have 20 emails cluttering your inbox to go through and then get on the website and go through the posts you're not subscribed to anyway, when you can just pull them with 1 click and know you're not missing any?

Know what I mean?

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