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Default Website: work in progress

I'll be periodically updating this post and listing the new features/changes to our website.

If you can't find/see/access these and you're using other than the Default style, please let me know, the custom style probably needs to be updated.

  • added "Take a tandem flight/Learn to fly" box to the front page (thanks Eric P for the suggestion)
  • made the "Random Pictures" larger
  • updated the Club Officers entry
    • added Mark Thog ass our new treasurer/secretary
  • added "Welcome to" box to the front page
    • still need help with this one from someone with better composition skills
  • added "Gallery" feature (thanks Chris T for the idea)
    • you can now view all albums from all users by clicking Gallery
    • it's a convenient way to browse all the albums without having to know which users have the pictures
    • by default the albums are sorted from the newest addition to the oldest, but you can change the sorting by clicking on the header of each column (sort by owner, album name or number of pictures within the album)
  • added "Insert image from your album" feature
    • when writing a post you can insert any image you already have in any of your albums simply by clicking "My Photos - Insert" located below the smilies box
  • added "Plans to Fly" box to the front page and to the Forums
    • only John, Frank, Rick and Filipe can start a thread here, others may reply. Whatever they post will automatically show up on the front page
  • added an invisible piece of code that makes the whole website load and display faster
  • added Mobile style for those using PDA/cellphone to access
  • added Redirection notice
    • when you click on an external link that will take you away from, a 5 second warning will display first letting you know you're leaving our website and then it will take you where you want to go (it's a safety feature)
  • added Personal Notebook
    • users can store any notes/info in their personal notebook
    • no-one can see these notes but you
    • accessible from My Profile
  • added a feature to easy list all Thread started by you or all your posts
    • if you want to find a thread you started yourself or your post and you don't remember where it was, you can easily pull up all of your own threads/posts by clicking Search (in navigation bar)
  • added watermark to all newly uploaded pictures
    • for a copyright protection every picture uploaded from now on has a "" watermark added to it, see an example here:
  • (let me know if the watermark size/color/presence becomes a problem and I'll disable it)
  • added a page "Club Members"

    • a current roster with pictures and other info
    • only available to current members

  • fixed the logo to include PG
  • fixed the logo for ModernBlue style
  • added more info to "Club Members" page
  • added 2 more styles: Rooq and ThermalVista

  • added a better looking banner to the ModernBlue style
  • added more links to "Links" page (thanks Chris T for the idea)
  • added a "Calendar" and "Post New Event" buttons to the front page's "Upcoming Events" module for an easy access
  • added the caption to the picture in "Random Pictures" module
  • split the Navigation bar into two, since it was getting crowded
  • added a custom "Google Map" tag (GMAP)
    • read on later in the thread as to what it does
  • added a section "Flight Reports" to the forums (thanks Eric P for the suggestion!)
  • added a section "OFHPA Documents" and
  • moved documents over from yahoogroups
  • added mandatory 'thread prefix' to Classifieds
    • you have to choose from either "For Sale" or "Wanted"
    • see the picture:
  • added more smilies
  • added "Thanks" feature (see later post for its function)
    • see pictures:
  • changed the picture for "Take a tandem/Learn to Fly" to an animation
  • added a weather widget for Richmond Dale to the "Current Weather" module at the bottom of a front page
  • finished 1st stage of the "pay-your-dues-online" project"
    • will test it tonight and and think we're ready to go public with it
  • tightened the check-control against automated registration bots
    • should make it harder for them to get registered on our website
  • added a Link to "Rochester Area Flyers" (credit goes to Mark T)
  • added "Flight reports" column to the front page
  • moved modules around to optimize for 1024x768 res.
  • test online payment for membership - successful
    • now just putting finishing touches on the appearance
  • moved the "animated hangglider" for "Learn to fly/Take a tandem" to the navigation bar to make it more apparent and accessible
sometime inbetween
  • enabled dues to be paid online
  • added advanced Stats
    • on the front page, left column, click on the title of a module "Stats", or click here
  • added more features to Private Messages
    • in the navigation menu, right top corner, you see "Private Messages: Unread x, Total: x," and than a little down-arrow - clicking the arrow will bring up a menu
    • it is possible to "reply-all" to a messages that have been sent to more than 1 recipient
    • if you have an unread PM there is a flashing notification to draw your attention
    • disabled signatures in PM, to save load on our database
    • a few more minor almost unnoticable things
Future plans

  • add an on-line store with OF, HG & PG stuff
  • add generic avatars for users to choose from

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