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Default 8/22 Fly-In at WesMar

As many have probably already heard, there are plans to have a combination birthday party/Fly-In at WesMar on the weekend of the 22nd. There are many celebrating birthdays this month and one of them happens to be me! Now, I am not one to want to be the center of attention so please keep that in mind. What I do like is to have a lot of people gathering to enjoy the day, some flying and good food, drink and friends at the approipriate time. So, after discussing with wes we have the following planned (weather dependant):

- A weekend of flying fun on 8/22. Bring your camping gear.
- Burgers and dogs will be provided.
- Beer, on tap, will be provided.
- Bring a side dish along to go with the burgers and dogs.

Let me know if you think you'll be coming so we can plan for the food. Rick has agreed to bring the trike so we will have two tow vehicles. Just In Case!!
Frank Murphy
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