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Exclamation reminder: land-use permission temporarily rescinded

At the risk of drawing Willie's ire yet again ( all good Willie!), I must remind everyone...

Along with all other USHPA chapters' insurance certificates issued in March, ours expired 1June*. For landowners that require insurance as a condition of land-use consent - noteably ClevelandMetro (Edgewater) and Steigerwaldt/Scioto (RichmondDale), this is not trivial. Both have rescinded land-use permission until expired insurance is replaced.

The winds may be perfect, and the skies may beckon... But are a couple good flights by a few worth the risk of permanent loss of the site for all? ...Not in my book.

If the other officers think differently, I assume they will jump in and correct this guidance. Until then, USHPA/OFHPA pilots should not launch from Edgewater, and should stay off Scioto's property (Tract 42 - the hill).

*I hope to receive updated COIs from USHPA this week.

For additional information previously posted, go here

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