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Old 11-09-2012, 08:00 PM
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Yep looks good but I'm not fully grasping how it would fit over the bar... Could just be that I can't see it too well on my phone.
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Old 11-09-2012, 08:19 PM
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Thanks! I will take some better Pic soon, I am noticing how difficult it is to photograph black fabric.
But basically it wraps around the bar, then velcros closed, and then velcros along the sides. So it is removable when the glider is completely set up..... Its hard to re without... Well.... Pictures.. Lol
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Old 11-10-2012, 09:09 AM
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Looks great Matt. Is the front area a bit of attempt for airflow? If so it appears to me that that angle is only in airflow when close to the bar pulled in going fast unless the wrist is more bent. Why not the full rounded fist design? How easy is it to get into the extra long cuff while flyin. Inquiring minds need to know.

They do look professionally built. I have a small digital embroidery machine if you want to finish off with your bis logo. Your own programed designs onto a max 4"x4" field. Still no response on how or where you want the cash. I also sent you a response on your Glider Condom thinking. You may have the next "Pet rock" for some circles and Ken W. ideas may make it cost effective. Keep thinking fella.
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Old 11-10-2012, 11:58 PM
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The front aerodynamic shape is a nice byproduct of the attempt to increase the amount of room to wiggle your fingers... The ones I brought to wesmar last week where all based on the round fist design, like the one you gave me. But everyone said that they needed more finger room. Mine might have been a tad tighter then yours, because of the material choices, namely the rip stop nylon outer layer, but I did have one pair of an exact copy of yours, just a layer of cordura like material, (known as bottom weight, probably 50,50, cotton /polyester.)
And a layer of the headliner material. They were also shorter, not so long up the arm... But these longer ones seem easy enough to get into/out of. As far as I can tell by positioning my self in a flying position and trying it out..... Not quite the same thing.... But it's all I can do right now.
When everyone said that they needed more finger room, John showed me his, and remarked that, leaving the seem along the front out made them lay flatter, and that everyone seemed to like that about his. from what I can tell, they look like they will point the same direction as the airfoil shape bar, no matter what speed your at... More or less...

About the money, do you live in/near hamilton? Thats close to my house... That's what it says on my phone caller I d. Wherever you are, we can meet up and, talk in person. I can show you the ones I have now, and we can talk about the glider condom project too!
For now I plan to make a few more pairs of these for you and others who have shown interest, because I'm pretty sure you will like them. I'm sure it is possible to pull in the front and make it more fist like while still giving room to move cold fingers.. But there are other aspects of the process I need practice on, so making more is the only way to get better, and these are good enough to sell to someone, somewhere.. Lol For sure! I mean it..... Surprisingly professional! :-)
but you suggestions would be great!

Sri, here are some more pics that hopefully show how they work. The first pic shows the scale, the second shows them with all vecro un done all the way and the first step to putting them on. Then the third shows the inner layer, between your hand and the bar attached, then the outer layer attached. You can see there is ample room for gloved hands, and i dont think the increased length will make it difficult to get in/out of.
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