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Old 02-26-2017, 07:33 AM
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Default 2017 Spring Meeting In The Books

Another meeting is in the books and another fine job from our Secretary/Treasurer, Mike Compton. He has a knack for assembling and producing a fine presentation and once again didn't disappoint. Even with the remnants of a cold! Will allow others to provide all the details of the meeting and officers elected but do want to say thanks to Mike for several years of very challenging and time consuming service. Mike has laid out a plan for the future of the OF's and its officers and their staff (so to speak). In doing so, he had the foresight to subdivide many of the tasks and responsibilities to allow a more manageable and less time consuming role for those officials and selected/volunteered members. I'm not sure why, and it may have something to do with Mike's penchant for detail and flair for the narrative, that when the time came to elect a new Secretary - no one stood up. Mike has made his intentions clear that he wants to step down from this role. He is uncertain that he will be an active flying member of the Club, has done a great deal of work during a difficult transition period for the USHPA and its members and wants to move on to other endeavors. Somehow, as a Club, the need is imminent to select/elect a new Secretary and it is worth noting that this position will be separate from the Treasurer and that, with any luck, the worst of the transition and requirements of are behind us. Also of note, the filling of Mike's shoes with respect to the detail of the annual meeting presentation does not have to be as elaborate as it has been during his tenure. As most will agree, we are a simple group and can certainly get by with less but that is not to say that more isn't appreciated and it was. Typically, new blood within the OF's have been motivated to step into these roles. It a good way to get to know those who made the same commitments and pay forward, to the Club and its future. Please consider making that commitment.
Also a BIG THANK YOU to Matt Hahn and all at Shadowbox for providing the venue and hospitality once again. Thanks to Willie, John Alden and Larry Huffman for assisting with the parachute repacking. I know that, for many, it is very comforting to have that help. Thanks also to Dan Miner for nominating me as an Honorary Lifetime Member and all those who felt inclined to concur. The recognition is much appreciated but also worth noting that using the same criteria, there are others so deserving. I am admittedly on the fence with regard to my continued participation, as far as flying goes and had that conversation with a few of the members. Regardless, I will continue to make my annual dues and the Treasurer can decide how he/she will apply those funds. Stay Tuned for more details as I am sure that a full report will be coming shortly.
Frank Murphy


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